Waiariki pools

Ngawha Springs is a truly unique place.

Ngawha Springs welcome stone

The Ngawha Springs are located in the centre of a geothermally active area: an area that produces a considerable amount of Northland’s electricity – all while feeding over over a dozen hot pools of all sorts of colours, element make ups and temperatures.

Here are the profiles of a handful of the most popular pools at the Waiariki complex:

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Bulldog


This is often Ngawha Spring’s hottest pool. The water is filled with dark particles, most likely pure carbon. The water in this pool has, for a long time, been used by the ones in the know to improve their eye sight.

  • Usual temperature: waaaaay too hot! Over 45 degrees, on occasion over 50
  • Colour: dark black

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Baby


Don’t let the name misguide you…. This pool may be small, but it often packs a punch with temperatures above 40 degrees.

  • Usual temperature: just over 40
  • Colour: deep green

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Tanemahuta


This is often the crowd favourite on both summer and winter days. Tanemahuta is usually just under 37 degrees, making it a pleasure to sit in – and “cool off” in summer.

  • Usual temperature: around 36
  • Colour: deep green/yellow

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Doctor


The purpose of this pool is in its name. Doctor is similar to Bulldog in colour, but is a little cooler at a usual 40-42 degrees. If you can spend some time in this pool – you should!

  • Usual temperature: around 40-ish
  • Colour: deep black

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Solomon and Favourite

Solomon and Favourite

These two pools are very similar to each other – slightly warmer than body temperature, but under 40 degrees, these are amazing for full relaxation during the colder months.

  • Usual temperature: around 37-39
  • Colour: green-yellow-ish

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Waikato


Waikato is possibly to coolest of the main pools… No pun intended, as it’s considerably cooler than the neighbouring Solomon and Favourite. Great for facemasks though!

  • Usual temperature: 35
  • Colour: light grey

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - The Eastern pools

The Eastern pools

For the curious minds, wondering around the corner past the changing room will reveal 6 other pools – 4 of them are hot, and 2 are really cold.

  • Usual temperature: 33-42
  • Colour: various – try them out!

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - The cold pools

The cold pools

Many specialists speak of the benefit of “contrast” while bathing – these two pools are on the Eastern side of the complex provide a perfect opportunity to cool off. Their mud-like thick white colour can be mistaken for a hot pool.

  • Usual temperature: I don’t know… too cold for me anyway!!!
  • Colour: thick white